Salclear is a brand producing cutting edge technology products for the scuba diving market.

NMP (new mask prep) is a powerful solvent degreaser which lifts and elimates silicone grease and oil residues present on the surface of brand new diving masks.

A clean mask is a mask which can be defogged easily, and NMP is the best way we've found to prime and prepare your new mask. Its just the thing to clean and prepare brand new scuba diving masks.

We are THE leading UK producer of proprietary antifog products for the sports world; and our individual range of products are formulated and produced by our own chemical technologists in order to provide cutting edge performance for scuba diving and swimming.

Salclear also produces it's own branded formulations of wetsuit detergents, mask preparation fluids, mask and goggle defogs for swimming pools and underwater photographic aids.



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new scuba mask preparation fluid
Salclear NMP should be used to prime and degrease any new scuba mask prior to application of a top quality antifog such as Salclear AquaSport or Salclear Ultra